From leader to executive

When you have the potential to lead at the highest level, you don’t want to leave anything to chance as you position yourself for the top jobs.

It’s hard to objectively identify your own strengths and areas for development. As a coach I can help you to uncover the hidden issues, close the gaps, chart the course and keep you on track.

Coaching for technical experts

Are you a leader with the required technical expertise, but who’s overlooked for promotion because of gaps in your people skills?

I’ll help you to become fluent in other perspectives, broadening your skills beyond being “right”. You’ll be able to bring others with you as a leader.

Top level career coaching

Are you looking for a new job or trying to work out how to change fields? After a decade working as an executive search specialist, I’ve helped thousands of people to find jobs in the same field or to reposition themselves for a career change.

I’ll help you re-brand yourself, optimise your CV, search for jobs, prepare for interviews and debrief afterwards.

Workshops & 360° Surveys

I am an experienced workshop facilitator and can run your 360° surveys.

Workshop facilitator

Frustrated by workshops or meetings that don’t result in action? I’m an experienced workshop facilitator, and I use proven techniques to bring people together to make effective decisions.

360° surveys

I work with HR departments to facilitate 360° surveys that result in growth and change.

I coach future top-level individuals

As an executive coach for the past decade, I’ve worked with many high-achieving individuals on their path to the top. Their paths may be fast and direct or unpredictable and require patience. Whatever your path, preparation is key because competition is fierce. I’ll help you to focus on the bigger picture in your professional and personal life. This focus will help you to identify and commit to the actions that will help you to succeed in even the most competitive environment.